Care Homes, Hospitals & the Hospice

In the compassionate environment of care homes, hospitals and hospices, ensuring the well-being and dignity of patients is at the core of every action. We are proud to redefine hygiene standards by addressing common issues such as:

  • Split stream

  • Prostate Complication

  • Urinary Track blockages

  • Overactive bladder


Well-being & Dignity

Our mission

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a clean, hygienic, and beautiful environment. By adopting AimStraight, the health sector embodies the essence of empathy, ensuring sensitivity, accuracy, hygiene and compassion.

As a single-use product, Aim Straight eliminates the need for time-consuming cleaning and disinfecting, allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time and attention to their patients, and we bring dignity to every male and their unique needs; those with limited mobility, less steady on their feet, in recovery and the obese.

Highest standards