Environmental Footprint

Aim Straight Environmentally

Our product uses algae printing ink. Being the most sustainable ink produced, it has a negative carbon footprint and boasts a reduced carbon emission by up to 200%. This type of ink is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. The binding we use to create our cones is non-toxic, non-flammable and fume-free. It is created without any animal by-products and is environmentally friendly, made without the use of toxic metals or excessive VOCs.

We are proud to offer our lightweight product, crafted from recycled and water-resistant material with 100% recyclable packaging.


Our flatpack, compact design allows users to carry cones discretely, ensuring a reliable solution on-the-go. Packs are designed so customers can grab the 'sleeve' from the tray and enjoy AimStraight at the ready next to your WC.

AimStraight dispensers for commercial and home use. Soon you'll be able to pull down, use and bin