Public Spaces

By reducing the risk of urine contamination, we help to create an environment for us all that promotes the well-being and peace of mind of each of us.

Public transport is a bustling, dynamic space where prioritising health and hygiene has become more critical than ever. By minimising urine splashes and drips, we offer a higher standard of cleanliness for each of us during our commute. Whether travelling daily or embarking on a long journey, passengers can rest assured that their health and hygiene are prioritised.

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white and red train beside building at daytime

Our Contribution to a more sanitary Aeroplane WC, aligns perfectly with our heightened health awareness. With hundreds of passengers sharing minimal facilities for up to hours of fight time, we know all too well, the hugely unpleasant experience of a wet toilet floor.

In this tight and cramped space, that wet floor consists predominantly of urine splashes, misses and drops that travellers then walk back to their seats, their personal space, for the remainder of the flight.

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